In November, "teams of four" matches are starting.
There will be 10 TEAMS taking part.
We now have 6 teams (still room for 4 more teams to join.)

Contact Betty on 07515 689334 or 01257 451461.
Or get in touch with Matt Hale on Facebook or phone 07592622486.

* Oct 21st. match has been cancelled!
Re-arranged date to be confirmed....
Dates of matches ... 28th.

Sat. Oct 7th. Triples results
1st. Warren Crolla 78 lbs. 3 oz.
2nd. Paul Jones 70 lbs. 14 oz.
1st. T. G. P.
2nd. Mosella N.W.

***Important announcement for all MATCH ANGLERS!

Can we please continue to be extra diligent with our nets?
These recent fish losses especially in Kestrel are due to a fish disease (KHV) being transferred from another water
We have lost a lot of Carp.
Other local waters are sadly affected by the same problem.
Please see rule 2 below for keep nets and landing nets
THANKING YOU for your help.

Can all Clubs, in all matches, not just Opens please follow these 2 simple procedures?

1 Please put the small "silvers" caught on the S. Canal straight back into the water as they are getting squashed in the keep nets.
2 For all matches, keep nets must be laid out to dry before matches and only put in water about 10 minutes before the start
Your co-operation will be much appreciated by Gary and Betty.

Thank you again as this will help maintain a healthy Cunneries Fishery for all to enjoy.

**Please note that as from Oct 30th, Monday's match has reverted back to a Pensioners and Disabled match)

Monday Open Match

(**This is a Pensioners and Disabled Match (from Oct 30th)..)
Draw 10.00am
Fishing 11.00 am - 4.00 pm

Contact; please ring Stuart on 07846 446304
or Betty on 07515 689334

Match fee 13 all in (5 Peg Fee, Cunneries)

Monday match result.

Oct 9th

1st Peter Johnson 139 lbs. 1 ozs.

2nd Colin Marsh 52 lbs. 00 ozs.

3rd Stuart Herald 49 lbs 15 ozs.

Thursday Open Match

*As from October 30th, the draw will be 10.00am and all times will change.)
Draw 11.00am
Fishing 12 Noon - 5.00 pm

Contact: please ring Stuart on 07846 446304
Or Betty on 07515 689334

Match fee; 13 all in (5 peg fee, Cunneries)

Thursday match result.

October 5th

1st. Matt Hale 160 lbs 11 ozs

2nd. Paul Jones 145 lbs 1 ozs

3rd Tony Worrall 109 lbs 10 ozs

Saturday Open Match

Draw 9.30am
Fishing 10.30 am - 3.30 pm

**Change in contact!
Please ring Betty on 07515 689334 or 01257 451461.

Anglers must now ring Betty so she knows the numbers

Match fee 20 all in. (5 peg fee, Cunneries)

Saturday match result.

October 14th

1st Paul Jones 114 lbs 4 ozs

2nd Richard Yates 113 lbs 7 ozs

3rd Matt Hale 100 lbs 10 ozs

Record catch for a 5 hour Open Match (from June 1st, 2015)

Ian Burley 308 lbs 9 ozs


*Anglers who take part in any matches, please note;-