Fees and regulations

A few details to help you with your visit to "The Cunneries"...

The official address for the fishery is...
"The Cunneries" Fishery,
Parr Lane,
Chorley. PR7 5RP

The official address for any correspondence is...
Mrs B. Alty,
58 Bradley Lane,
Chorley. PR7 5RJ

Contact Betty; TEL 01257 451461
Or Mobile number;TEL 07515 689334.

Fishing fees 2017

For pleasure anglers, simply turn up, choose your water and start fishing!
A bailiff will come round, collect your fee and give you your day ticket.
All fees are paid at The Cunneries

Day Tickets for individuals;-
**Please note small increase! (From June, 2018)

Adults 7.00 (or 8.00 if using two rods).
O.A.P.'s, disabled and Juniors is now 5.00.

Club Matches and Open Matches
ALL matches must be booked by contacting Betty (Unless another name is specifically stated in some Open Matches)

Fishing times;- the centre is open from dawn until dusk.

General rules;-
1. Banned baits; NO MEAT AT ALL! ie no dog meat, cat meat or Luncheon Meat!
2. Also Floating bread is not allowed.
3. Net dips must be used on this water.
4. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
5. Any bait left over please put it in the bin specially provided.
6. NO bite alarms and no pods to be used

Thank you for your co-operation